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Terms & Conditions

  1. The participant acknowledges to be bound by the following terms and conditions, which may be revised with or without notice.
  2. Personal information provided while signing up and logging in should be correct.
  3. The photos submitted by participants would be subject to screening and can be removed if found violating mentioned guidelines or on any other ground as per Nikon India discretion.
  4. By submitting the photos in the microsite, the participant is acknowledging that:
    • They own the images
    • There's no violation of copyrights whatsoever
    • The participant is completely accountable for the submitted photo and the description.
  5. Image complementing the contest theme and quality of the image would be the criteria for short-listing and for selection of the winners in the challenge section.
  6. The shortlisted entries for the compete and challenge section will result in the increase in I AM AT SCORE.
  7. All the entries should be posted on the www.iamnikon.in and any entries posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will not be accepted.
  8. Image submitted in the microsite should not contain any watermark, website address, logo, trademark or e-mail id on it. Tampered, morphed, graphically-enhanced images will be disqualified.
  9. Images submitted should not be advertising any product or services on the website.
  10. User in the microsite can upload multiple entries but short-listing will be solely at the discretion of Nikon India Pvt. Ltd.
  11. The announcement of the winners will be made on our Nikon India Official pages and on the microsite as well.
  12. Late, illegible, incomplete, defaced, objectionable, obscene or corrupt entries will not be considered in the microsite.
  13. A panel of judges from Nikon India will select the final winners from the top entries received in the challenge section
  14. Participants/Users can increase their I AM AT SCORE with the following:
    • Receiving Applauds - 1 point
    • Receiving Comments - 2 points
    • Winning by competing with another user - 5 points
    • Winning by challenging another user - 10 points
  15. Verification of profile and images uploaded by the users may take up to 24 hours.
  16. The decision to announce winners will be only done by Nikon India Pvt Ltd
  17. Nikon India implements all necessary processes to ensure clearness, impartiality and equal opportunity. If you are using the help of any illegal, unauthorized and unfair ways, software, codes etc, your entry form the microsite will be immediately canceled.
  18. All prizes/awards/titles are non-transferable, on-negotiable and no cash alternatives will be offered.
  19. The gratification to the winners will be delivered to the winner within 45 days after the winner is announced and the microsite is closed, provided all the personal details asked form them is submitted fully and correctly.
  20. Applauding your own image does not increase your score.
  21. Commenting on your own image does not increase your score.
  22. All competitions in the compete section will be up for voting for 7 days
  23. After the voting time period of 7 days is over then the user will get a notification congratulating him that his score has increased by 5 points, only if he has won the competition.
  24. If you lose while competing in the compete section on the last day you will be notified "Other user (User name) has won the competiton. Better luck next time, try again".
  25. Images uploaded in the gallery section will have to be less than 7mb
  26. Images uploaded in the profile picture section will have to be less than 7mb
  27. The winner shall not have any rights to claim, loss or costs from Nikon India Pvt. Ltd. for delay in delivery of the Prize on any grounds whatsoever.
  28. Nikon India Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to modify, cancel, extend or discontinue the microsite rules or any part thereof at any time without prior notification.
  29. Nikon India Pvt. Ltd. won't be liable for the warranty and service of the gift/prize items given as gratification.
  30. Nikon India Pvt Ltd have the right to directly remove the image if:
    • The image contains any inappropriate content.
    • The image is picked from the internet
    • Contains derogatory content
  31. Nikon India Pvt. Ltd. owns all rights to the website, its services, the technology, information etc. developed with connection to the website or available on the site.
  32. Comments made towards other profile images should not use derogatory terms or disrespectful or negative in nature. Comments should be made only with a view of sharing one's thoughts.
  33. Participation on forums should be with the sole purpose of talking about/around the topics provided by Nikon India Pvt Ltd.
  34. This activity is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with any social media platforms. Any information provided by a participant will be used by Nikon India Pvt. Ltd. and not any social media platforms.
  35. It is necessary that the entry should be clicked from a D-SLR for the compete section and it will be short-listed only when the same is verified on the microsite.
  36. Challenge section will always images from any camera model.
  37. All images uploaded on website shall become sole and exclusive property of Nikon India Pvt. Ltd. and Nikon India Pvt. Ltd shall have all the rights with respect to such images, including copyrights on such images.
  38. This Program is subject to force majeure conditions that are beyond the control of Nikon India Pvt. Ltd. Eligibility criteria for participation in the Program is that it's important that the individuals is a Residents of India.
  39. Each term stated here are separate from each other. If any of these terms are found void or unenforceable by regulatory authority/law enforcing agency of India, that does not make the other terms void, and the other terms will remain enforceable.
  40. Participation in this Program shall be construed as an acceptance of the Terms and Conditions stipulated herein and of any rules and regulations already announced
  41. Disputes if any shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Delhi only.
  42. We can add a maximum of 40 images in one month to a profile, after which you will receive a notification saying that you have reached your maximum image uploads.