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A.  Click on the forgot password button on the login page which will open up a form that will send you a mail containing your password on your verified email id.

A.  Did you receive a verification email from us? If yes, then please note that this verification email is sent to validate your email address. Check your junk mail to see if the email was received there instead, or click on "I need that verification email again" to have it re-sent to you. If you still haven't received the verification email, you may have accidentally typed in an incorrect email address. You can check with us by clicking on 'CONTACT US'.

A.  In the start from the registration on the website, every user will be labelled as a beginner and after earning certain points you can scale up to amateurs and later to pro.

A.  While signing up, you can add multiple genres by selecting them pressing ctrl button. If you wish to edit later, you can click on the profile button and click on edit to add more of it.